Monday, February 28, 2005

The Nazgul Swarms

With the rotation out of the Fellowship block and the subsequent loss of Morgul Gates, things were looking grim for the Nazgul. At a pricely average of 6 twilight per Wraith, they simply were too expensive to be effective. That is, until Dark Approach.

Dark approach is Morgul Gates.... only better. With the ability to control the site path on both the Free Peoples and Shadow side, you can easily deploy a 4 forest stie path within the first half of the game. From that point on, each of your Nazgul comes at a hefty discount using this card. With the new Black Lord or the Toil 2 Captain of the Nine Riders, your Witch King and Nazgul will be able to drop on the table in groups of 4 at least, leaving things looking dark for your opponent!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Fierce Assassin

Decipher has finally begun spoiling the next set, Black Rider, and thus far it has been quite underwhelming. All of the cards have pretty much been a newer, more up to date version of the cards that are about to be rotated out of the set from the Fellowship of the Ring block.

However, one card finally caught my attention: Ulaire Cantea, Black Assassin. With the rotating out of the Fellowship block, one thought on everyone's mind has been, "What are we going to do without Ulaire Enquea?". Here is the answer:

For the ridiculously low cost of spotting ANY other Wraith card (such as the new conditions), you can instantly kill any companion Cantea is skirmishing if your opponent inflates his fellowship beyond 5. Beyond 6, and your opponent can kiss two of his companions goodbye because this black assassin is Fierce.

What's more, is if you can manage to bring your opponent's companions down to resistance zero (a strategy for another article), you can choose which companions are on their way to the dead pile.

With a 5 cost Nazgul this strong, you had better start figuring ways out to make it to site 9 with only 5 companions, because any more and they'll be assassinated.
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