Thursday, August 19, 2010

Free Black Rider Packs!

The first two people to comment on this post get a Black Rider pack free!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Free Packs!

I wanted to change things up a bit and give my readers some incentive to check back on the blog early and often, so I'm starting a contest of sorts.

Some time this week, I will be post a new entry titled "Free Black Rider Packs". The first two people who respond to the post with the comment "First" (and "Second" after the first has posted) will get a free Black Rider pack from me! I'll even pay for the shipping.

In order for me to contact you to get your shipping address, you have to be a Follower of the blog, so use the Followers gadget on the left side of this page if you're not a member already. I'll be able to contact you directly using the gadget.

Hopefully this will be fun for all, and if it is I've got plenty more stuff to give away!

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