Thursday, September 01, 2005

Gandalf's Got the Ring!

What would have happened if Gandalf hadn't wussed out and given Frodo the ring? Find out, with Gandalf, Bearer of Obligation:

This powerful new version of Gandalf opens up a horde of new deck possibiliies as you finally have a starting Gandalf that won't eat up any of your 4 twilight alotment. While it will be burdensome to maintain his cost of moving, the added bonus of being able to start with the key member of this 'spot' heavy culture for free more than makes up for the price.

Having Gandalf from the get go, you can now start Radagast, more Ents, or even some fun companions like Erland, Dale Counselor and carve through the site path with Gandalf holding the ring!

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