Friday, November 11, 2005

Errata Rapidly Needed

For the more experience LotR TCG players, get ready for another 'broken' card. With The Hunters comes Rapid Reload:

By itself, the card is pretty powerful. For two or three twilight you can get out an Evil Man, and with this combo on the table, all left over twilight becomes an exertion (essentially a wound) on an unbound companion. No big deal right? Just don't give your opponent too much twilight.

Wrong. Add on an oldie but a goodie, Demoralized:

Now your fellowship is in trouble, because each exertion ads back a twilight. Drop two of these conditions out and each exertion only costs one twilight. Drop one more...You get the picture.

Together these easy to obtain, easy to play cards can exhaust a fellowship FOR FREE.

You've got two options: Play only Ring-bound companions (not likely with the majority of them being roated out with the Tower block), or get rid of all Evil Men before the Archery phase (more likely, but more expensive). The best option? Have Decipher X-list or errata Rapid Reload before your fellowship gets too demoarlized to make it past Site 5!

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