Monday, April 17, 2006

Unheeded Rocks

So I played in a mini-tournament Sunday. Due to my lack of practice, I went a miserable 1 Win/2 Loss, but the experience was great for getting ready for this Saturday's TOC.

The key takeaway I had was that this card is phenomenal:

Look how angry Merry is!

As usual, at first glance this card isn't so special, it's pretty hard to stock these cards and depend on a minion exerting. But what if you can make the minion exert? Suddenly cards like Smeagol, Always Helps which exert a minion to exhaustion become huge powerhouses. For the cost of 2 threats and one exertion, you can kill almost any minion (besides the uenxertable, unwoundable Balrog when he's underground).

Add on cards like Birthday Present to grab the Unheededs back from the discard pile, and your opponent will be the one that's unheeded as you walk to site 9!

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