Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Downloading Wraiths!

Apologies for the severe lapse in posts recently. While Decipher is gearing up for it's next set, Rise of Saruman, I have been dabbling in other card games such as Magic: The Gathering and Anachronism. Look for new blogs coming soon!

In the interim between The Hunters and The Rise of Saruman, Decipher has released six cards known as the "Wraith Collection" which highlight some of the adventures of the hobbits that was not seen in the Fellowship of the Ring film. Between the Shire and Bree, the hobbits encountered characters such as Tom Bombadil, as well as Wraiths such as:

In addition to being a phenomenally awesome-looking card, this minion is also quite useful, being able to inter-mix with Nazgul Wraiths, and grabbing the most useful one from your deck. Need the right Ulaire Cantea to strip your opponent of weapons or companions? Or do you need the Uliare Toldea that can play for free? What if you need just one more burden to corrupt your opponent? Play the Undead of Angmar, and "download" the Wraith you need!

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