Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Designing a New Card Game

With the Lord of the Rings TCG ending its glorious run, I decided that I need to find a new card game to play. With many of the current options unsatisfactory and/or impractical, I decided I might as well just create a new card game! But after some thought, I decided it would be much more cool if the entire card gaming community around the world designed a card game together! So I put together a site, and am offering $10,000 to those who want to participate in a fun and cool project. Visit my new site at 4gxg.com!

1 comment:

  1. I loved, LOVED this game and its engine.

    Needless to say, imagine my disappointment when World of Warcraft's card game was made as pretty much a magic clone instead of taking advantage of LotR's design.

    Every once in awhile I go back and try working out an alt version of WoW:TCG that's more like LotR than M:TG. If you ever want to just exchange some brain storming (oh, and trade lists), let me know.


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