Monday, April 07, 2008


It's been a long time since I've played in a tournament, and even longer since I've posted about playing in a tournament, so it's very satisfying to report that I played in a tournament this past weekend and won!

In order to attract more of the "old school" players, the format was Movie Block (Only Fellowship of the Ring through Mount Doom sets). While a fun format, it severely crippled my Unheeded/Shadowplay Fellowship deck. But I didn't let that stop me! My Fellowship was completely decimated each game, with Merry, Faramir, Pippin, Smeagol and more finding their way to my Dead Pile.

Luckily, I paired them up with my old Besiegers deck, which brought the pain to my opponents using cards like this one:

I forced each of my opponents to concede after their Ring-Bearers were besieged, and took first place!


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  2. hello!

    I recently bought a starter deck and some booster packs for the LOTR trading card game, but am finding it difficult to get more cards to get into the game (A few other people I know who have cards have decks that are difficult to defeat).

    I currently have a deck with some dwarves and hobbits (the starter came with Wraiths, but I'm not using those in my deck). I am severely lacking in companion cards, and would like to get more dwarves if I can. Right now I have Gimli and Thrarin, and a lot of event cards, but that's it for the dwarves. My deck is suffering without companions.

    I am playing the nazgul on the shadow side, but want to move over to the Moria orcs/goblins/etc. Do you think you could help me out?

    Shoot me an email at!

  3. I was wondering if you could post the list for your Beseigers. I've been interested in making one for a while, but am not sure how to actually make them viable. I would appreciate it. Also, you can send me an e-mail at

    Thanks, Faelach


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