Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Support the Last Homely House

For those who have stumbled onto this blog and are yearning for more, I highly recommend visiting this site. The forums are a great way to meet other people playing the game, and the top level of the site is a comprehensive database of every Lord of the Rings TCG card ever made. Enjoy, and tell them Psyjedi sent you!


  1. 1st of all sorry for my english I'm from Barcelona, Spain... , It's ironical that I discover your site when you left it... Well I just begin to play LOTR TCG after a lot of time with 4 friends, we have a lot of cards for Fellowship, but nothing from that point... do you know some sites to view strategies for that "basic" stage... I visit ebay etc for cards but there are only rares and we need a lot of basics cards to play, for the moment we print the cards lol Do you recommend me to begin in Shadows? or to print expansions from the begining? THX 4 all!

  2. Good day!

    I'm trying to e-mail your rayliu@4gxg.com but it always fail to deliver the content...

    Is there any way to contact you? I'd like to get in touch with you.

    Best compliments,

    Andre Leitao

  3. Hello to my commenters!

    My apologies for the problems you've been experiencing. If you email me at rayliu@4gxg.com now, you should be able to get through.

    Hope this reaches you!



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