Monday, July 19, 2010

Double Blades of Eowyn

Here's a quick and simple combo taking advantage of three powerful cards from Return of the King:

Play Merry and Eowyn in your Starting Fellowship. Stock 4 of Dernhelm's blade in your deck. Each skirmish, you can:

1. Play Dernhelm's Blade to wound a minion Eowyn is skirmishing.
2. Discard Dernhelm's Blade to make Eowyn strength +2.
3. Return Merry to hand to play Dernhelm's blade again. Wound the minion Eowyn is skirmishing again.

If Eowyn is riding a horse that can exert the minion she is skirmishing, this should be enough to kill most minions. Add on some archery, and there's few minions that Eowyn can't kill!

The combo has the added bonus that when you return Merry to hand, he loses all wounds that were on him, making him a great "pin-cushion" for archery damage himself.

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