Monday, January 14, 2013

Elrond, Counsillor

So today I am suggesting another major departure from the Lord of the Rings TCG rules: No more allies or followers. I always found allies to be unnecessary, and the followers rules to be difficult for new players.

Instead, I suggest that anybody that would be an ally, is a companion that is simply discarded at some point.

What do you think? Keep the comments coming!


  1. The choice of the art work is awesome, i hadnt found that one for Elrond yet, realy nice. Although the ruling, i understand your problem with the allies, they where a bit wonky for my taste aswell. Followers in that case made more sence to me, since they were not a to imprented part of the fellowship but did contribute to it when they where needed. This also gave place for more gameplay depth.

    Your suggestion doesnt sound half as bad. BUT: this elrond only works until site 3, which is not that long, you have to almost put him in your starting company to have him do something. or have it 4 times in you deck, and maybee not get it.

    than secondly, his ability only works once, with some luck twice iff you have the healing. seems a bit expensive for a, fetch possession and ditch me at site 3 companion. But me this is solveable in some way, maybee somekind of follower/allies/companion mix-up.

  2. You also misspelled "Counselor" ;-)


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