Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Key to Erebor, Thorin's Birthright

The new One Ring! In another departure from the rule of the Lord of the Rings, I've removed the concept of burdens. I alluded to how resistance doesn't make sense in prior posts, and neither do burdens since Thorin isn't at risk of being corrupted by any means. 

Instead, the focus of Thorin's journey will be on the loyalty of the company, and how his companions are willing to put their lives on the line for him.

On a side note, I'm particularly proud of this dream card as it's the first time I used GIMP to edit images for creating the card. Let me know what you think!


  1. Good graphic design, balanced card ability. If this is a common card, I'm wondering what would be rare of the Key. And perhaps you should add text: bearer must be a key-bearer. (bold). Then you can have two different Thorin's (common and rare). One is a key bearer, the other not a key bearer.

  2. Hello, nice idea. But why not prefer "fear burdens" ? "Burglar" could be a right keyword for such consideration. Bilbo can so leave skirmish by fear, but it will increase the number of "fear burdens".
    Enola (organizer of the French Nationals LOTR TCG 2012, and probably 2013)

  3. "Fear Burdens" doesn't flow quite right in English. Pretty much all of the keywords in Lord of the Rings TCG were just one word, so I really wanted to find a single word that captured the sentiment. I asked myself what a "unit of fear" is, does anyone have an answer for this? I thought "doubt" worked well enough.

  4. Yes, I see what you mean. "Doubt" is ok, but something on the contrary of bravery will fit more the Bilbo feeling. I agree it's not simple.

    What about "Burglar" more than "Key-Bearer", even if it's the same, it seems more irreplaceable than another Key-Bearer?

  5. great card really cool use of GIMP!

  6. great card really cool use of GIMP!


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