Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lindir, Elven Minstrel

Sorry for the delay between posts! I had used pretty much all the templates I had, so I needed to start making new ones for new card types, like Followers. If you want the templates, just leave a comment and let me know. 


  1. Anonymous11:45 AM

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  2. Anonymous11:50 AM

    im sad to see your using followers and not allies. I found through playing LOTR TCG that followers are to broken. You cant wound them, they dont have to pay enough to transfer them (as in not enough wound, twilight,burdens) and there game text are to good for the shadow side to win. As in the tip the balance way to far for the fellowship side of things. just my thoughts. i like every thing else you guys are doing!

    1. Ha! I actually feel the same way but others convinced me to go with Followers. I'm happy to do both/either and see which ones get more use.

      Allies also didn't seem to work for me since they were only able to fight once.

      Did you see my Elrond card where he gets discarded? That was my take on making 'allies' that had more purpose but still weren't companions.


    2. Anonymous7:21 PM

      Yeah i loved that idea. Allies though had vitality so you could kill them with cards. And in the blocks that they were popular (Fellowship, Two Towers) there were plenty of cards to kill them. Plus with one of my favorite cards horn of Boromir you could make them play any time you really wanted.

    3. Anonymous7:32 PM

      the only time i think followers are not broken is if the text is a "if" text. Like if you win,if you lose, if you take a wound kind of deal.

  3. Are they producing new cards again? Are these followers new ones?

    1. These are all 'dream cards' made by me for fun. Decipher will not be producing an actual Hobbit TCG game unfortunately.


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