Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Tournament Report 10/25/04

I went to my first tournament in months if not years last night. It didn't sanction with only 4 people showing up, which was fine by me as I was only curious to see what the Meta had changed to since I'd been gone.

I was playing a Dwarf/Besiegers deck with Bearer of Grudges, Gandalf, Leader of Men and two Dwarf Guards in my starting fellowship so that I could play Saved from the Fire to grab my Reflections Dwarves and their rings. It worked out all right, but I think a Bearer of Grudges with another of the dwarves and Durin III start would be more effective. Durin III is a beast.

I played twice against the nasty Elven/Gollum deck that won Worlds. That deck is absolutely horrendous; it's hard to think of a single down-side to playing that deck. I really hope that the Shadows set does somethign to curb it's power. I lost to it both times, by being corrupted of all things (Gimil's low resistance is such a crutch).

I also played against a fairly new player who had a Wraith/Wounding Nazgul deck. I beat it pretty quickly with my besiegers (he couldn't get his wraiths out fast enough).

I'm off to another tournament this Wednesday. I probably won't make too many changes to my deck due to time constraints, but I would like to make a Moria Archer deck to try and take down the elves. Keep on gaming!

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