Monday, November 08, 2004

Shadows Released!

The latest expansion set for Lord of the Rings TCG was released last week. This set should shake things up nicely for the game. The biggest change (and best in my opinion) is the introduction of an all new adventure path. Now, instead of having a set of Site 1s, a set of Site 2s, etc., you simply have an adventure deck and get to choose which site your opponent moves to! This adds a whole new strategy to your way of playing that you never had control over before and should give your adventure deck choices a much greater impact.

A downside to the new set is the introduction of several new minion cultures. To me, this seems like a cheap way to get around extensive playtesting of new cards (not having to worry about how powerful new cards make the old cards). The artwork is also underwhelming.

I'll be buying cards from this set to get access to the new site path as well as some of the amazing cards, such as the beautiful Arwen, Staunch Defender:

Hope to see everyone out at the Shadows Release Tournaments!

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