Tuesday, December 07, 2004

One Scary Spider

Haven't had a chance to update the blog in quite some time. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!

This post's subject is probably one of the most valuable minions there is (though many people wouldn't think it). If you haven't guessed yet, I'm speaking of course of Shelob! Or to be more precise: Shelob, Her Ladyship.

Try and ignore the ugliness of this beast and concentrate on her game text. With a card as simple to get on the table as Gollum, you suddenly have the ability to make any of your opponents characters essentially useless. Not to mention that enduring, fierce minion bit.

This advantage is undeniably huge against any fellowship as there will never be a single game in which eliminating a companion isn't a good thing. Suddenly your opponent's Defender +3 Aragorn or 15 strength against Nazgul Arwen has to sit on the sidelines as Shelob and your minions tear up the weaker of the fellowship.

Though hard to work into all decks, Shelob and Gollum should never be ignored as a strongly viable addition to any shadow side!

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