Tuesday, January 04, 2005

For Gondor!!! (Again!)

I participated in my first constructed tournament in who knows how long yesterday. It was a small tournament, barely sanctioning, and not much to report on. I was playing the Gondor deck with the Boromir, Faramir, Aragorn, Denethor start mentioned in a previous post. It worked out alright, but the one card that simply boggled my mind was Anarion, Lord of Anorien:

Anorien is Isildur's brother. This special card was only released as a promotion thus far and it is absolutley spectacular.

With Denethor, you can play this bad boy at Site 3 with a Saga of Elendil and Narsil. From that point on, any time you play a skirmish event, each minion skirmishing him gets -5 strength while he get's boosted up.

The highlight of my tournament was when I had I Will Go on Anorien and placed two Evil Men on him, one with 14 strength and one with 15 strength. I played 4 skirmish events to reduce their total strength to 5, while Anorien was strength 12, overwhelming both minions! What more could you ask for in a companion?

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