Tuesday, January 25, 2005


For those new to the game, the 'X-list' is a list of the cards that are not allowed in Standard Tournaments. Basically, these are cards that are just too powerful and make the game stale and boring.

For those acquainted with the game, you realize that Galadriel, Lady Redeemed belonged on this list the second she was printed:

Besides having the invaluable special ability to take out conditions, this monster of an elf could be started in ANY starting Fellowship for free! That fact alone made her a staple in nearly any deck. Her departure should help increase deck diversity and curb the power of those accursed Elves!

Also X'ed was the powerful Final Account which allowed anybody playing Gandalf (i.e. everybody) to have a virtually unlimited supply of any Shadow card in their deck.

With the Vegas Premiere Series coming up, it should be very interesting to see what these changes do to the meta!

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