Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Tourney Report 3/28/05 - Resistance is Futile

Went to my first tournament since the last post that said "Went to my first tournament in a long while..." last night. First tournament with Fellowship x'ed (although I forgot to remove all Fellowship Block cards!!!). The tournament went well with 12 players showing up.

My tournament was uneventful with my only real (read: challenging) match being against a guy named Nate who was playing a hobbit deck with a Gollum/burden shadow. Against my Gondor deck, I was close to corruption by site 4 and finally fell at site 8. I'd give more details, but all you need to know is that burdens are the way to go! With everyone and their mother using a new ring-bearer, corruption is easier than ever. Even 12 resistance Frodo's are having trouble making it to Site 9 without giving in to temptation these days.

One card in particular stands out: Retribution.

At first glance, this may seem like a 'crappy rare'. To fully appreciate it's value, just watch it in action. With powerful orcs like the Orc Artisan and easy to play weapons such as the Orc Spear, Retribution easily becomes at least 1 burden each site. Paired up with fierce orcs, multiple orcs per site, and additional helper cards, you had better start relying on a shadow win, because resistance is futile.

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