Monday, April 19, 2010

Solo Gandalf?

Before Reflections came out, there was a popular option (a popular, but very, very risky option) of trying Solo Frodo: playing just Frodo in your deck (with possibly one or two starting companions that you intended to kill early). The purpose was to deprive your opponent of twilight so that they couldn't play enough minions to overwhelm Frodo, if at all.

After Reflections and the introduction of alternate ring-bearers, numerous candidates became available for this technique, perhaps the most interesting being Gandalf:

Of course, with such a powerful companion as your Ring-Bearer, there must be a draw-back, and with the Solo method, the only option here is to add three burdens, so you'll need to pack

and other burden removing cards.

With so many cards to make Gandalf a beast, you're obligated to try out Solo Gandalf!


  1. Wow that is an interesting tactic, but how do you prevent gandalf from being overwhelmed considering there might be about 9 twilight and thats enough to play 2 or 3 minions.

  2. With Glamdring and a ring Gandalf will be Strength 10 at least, and then you just need to pile on a Skirmish Event to prevent the overwhelm...

    Risky at best, but still a lot of fun to try!

  3. I have that Gamdring, I also have Gandalf's hat, which you can add burdens to remove twilight tokens, and then I can remove the burdens with Gamdring very handy

  4. I frequently ran "Dynamic Duo". Only Frodo & Gandalf (though it got harder outside of Fellowship block).

    Solo Gandy is... I'd have to watch it as really it seems like all the shadow player has to do is just not play anything and you'll corrupt before you're halfway down the site path. Or you'll only be able to single-step the whole way and he'll just outrace you. Would have to try it out sometime.

  5. Well, without companions to spot to discard Gandalf cards, the Shadow player simply plays 0 minions at site 2 to nearly force a stop. Of course you bid 0 while wearing The One Ring, The Ring of Rings and 'limp' into site 3 with 6/7 burdens. Maybe you luckily drew Shadowfax, Unequaled Steed (btw, irritatingly redundant to The Ring of Rings) but still, removing burdens without Gandalf's game text won't get him through site 9 first. Gandalf goes 2nd because he bids 0 and wants to play Shadow first to have the largest potential Free People's draw.


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