Monday, May 10, 2010

Site 9

I thought I'd take a look at the cards that are often over-looked: Sites!

Although the site path became much more interesting after the Return of the King block, many players could not bring themselves to move past the first three block of the game (affectionately called 'the movie block').

For those who remained true to the game as it was in its glory, the only option was to use sites that were limited to a specific site number.

Here are two of the most powerful site 9s from the Return of the King block, each if used in conjunction with a burden deck would easily result in a corrupted ring-bearer!


  1. Narchost is by far the best of the two. Pair it with Twilight Nazgul in Movie Block, and you're all set to go. Wraith World and The Twilight World, here we come!

  2. I loved Twilight Nazzys and their theme so much. (that of "We don't care how big your fellowship is, we're still getting the ringbearer)

    Something my friends and I have discussed but never tried are:

    1) Mega endurance - 27 site run. 9 from Fellowship, followed by 9 of Towers, then 9 of Kings. 1 deck. (though each site 1 counts as a sanctuary)

    2) Bend run - 1-3 must be fellowship sites. 4-6, Towers. 7-9, Kings.

    Anyone done these formats or seen how fun they are?


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