Friday, November 30, 2012

Fili, Brother to Kili

I was getting really excited about The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey coming out in December. Then I heard that they are showing the first 9 minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness during the trailers and my excitement went through the roof.

To help temper my anticipation, I've started making The Hobbit TCG Dream Cards. Here's my first pass, let me know what you think!


  1. Genius. I think they'll buy it!

  2. Not bad... though I was thinking a combo card that was Fili & Kili together as a way to get all 14 companions in your group without violating the rule of 9 (well, some dwarves we can probably make followers).

    I was also thinking, instead of a ring-bearer, Hobbit TCG could have a "key-bearer" with Gandalf and Thorin. (debating on whether there should just be a rule that say key==ring or to put a line of text on the key itself) And burdens equaling resistance ends up with not "corruption" but "abandoning the quest".

    Oh, and of course:

    (4) *A simple Ring
    +1 health
    Bearer must be an unbound Bilbo.
    Skirmish: Return this artifact to hand to cancel a skirmish involving bearer.

    Also, I was thinking of some new Twilight Nazgul (because I loved them and it looks like we may get some more in these films).

    Things like:

    <7> *Witch-King, not quite dead
    Minion * Nazgul
    8 - 4 - 3
    While the witch-king is involved in a skirmish containing only Twilight minions, compare the shadow side's total strength against the free people's side total resistance.
    If a companion would be overwhelmed in a skirmish involving the Witch-King, add a burden to the ring-bearer instead.

    (still working on the syntax of these cards)

    Anyone else notice that Radaghast's "rabbit sled" seems to fit pretty well with his old "move+1" card?

  3. I don't think Cryptozoic's game will ever be released/be good. Let's look elsewhere for fun!

    My advice is: work on all 13 other companion of Thorin's Fellowship + a dozen minions + a couple of Conditions/Events + a couple of allies +some ring-bearing rules (no ring bearer at the start of the game...???) + 2 New loaded keywords (dwarves'company, goblin mob, ??) + 2 new unloaded keywords for new mechanics with the characters. and then.. you'll have 20000 happy LOTR TCG fans thanking you!!!
    (I'm willing to help!)

    1. + new sites (1 to 9, like back in the days..) + a great new Radagast+ possessions!
      i think we need 64 well-designed cards to start with. The rest will follow.

    2. A dude disappointed with the movie, had a good start on a new virtual set, but gave up. Food for thoughts.,8015.0.html

    3. I read the thread, that's too bad, Menace64 is definitely a more talented dream-card developer than I am!

      I'll get to work on more cards immediately then =D.

    4. I'll repost some ideas over there. Maybe some group effort can start from this...

    5. I,ve started a new thread on the Last Homely House forum. Register there and post some ideas. If 3-4 more come aboard, we'll have a new set (64 cards ?) within days/weeks.,8318.0.html

    6. Things are picking up! take a look:,8318.0.html


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