Friday, January 04, 2013

Thorin, Son of Thrain

Here's the next dream card!

Thanks for all the comments on Fili. There's some great work on making dream cards going on at The Last Homely House as well. Unfortunately, the site is not always up and is often slow, so I'll continue creating and hosting dream cards here as well.

This card introduces a concept mentioned by Nate in the prior comments, "Key Bearer." My intention is for the Key to Erebor to be similar to The One Ring in The Lord of the Rings TCG. One companion can carry the key, and there are consequences (most likely a game loss) if that companion dies.

I'll keep making dream cards and coming up with proposed rules for The Hobbit TCG. I'm definitely thinking that the Rule of 9 should be changed to account for the larger troop, as mentioned in the prior comments; however, we then need to make the companions weaker, or the minions stronger.

Let me know what you think!


  1. nice card, i have been making some cards aswell for a Hobbit TCG, and shall post them aswell, also my thoughts on the keybearer, i think it is a bit to much copy past from the original lord of the rings tcg, i myself was thinkig of making a keyword named Leader, which should be in your company at any given time, otherwise the mission to erebor will fail. But i havent yet worked out the exact ruling. Also i think Thorin should be just strenght 7 and vitality 3.

    1. I wanted to make Thorin weaker, but I want him to be much stronger than Fili (and the other Dwarves). I'm thinking I will go back and make Fili weaker. If we're going to have 14 companions walking to the Lonely Mountain, they either need to be easier to beat, or we need to make it easier to get more minions out. Keep the comments coming!

    2. Hello Ray,

      I agree with you that Thorin should be stronger than Fili or Kili, and for my part i personally would make Dwalin the strongest companion, even thought the hobbit novel suggests that Dori was the strongest. But my Thorin is strenght 7, Dwalin str 8 and i made Fili and Kili str 5.

      My Kili looks like this:
      3 *Kili, Brother to Fili
      Companion * Dwarf
      Fili is twilight cost -2
      While Kili is assigned to a skirmish, Fili is strenght +2
      'younger brother to Fili, Kili is a loyal nephew to Thorin Oakenshield.

      For Fili i have done the same but changed the names, and the keyword archer to Damage +1. and ofcourse some different lore.

      Hope you agree with me with the fact that companions shouldn't go above strenght 8 soon, because than with possessions it will get ridiculous quick. Also a company of 14 or even 15 companions come with a cost iff someone wants to make it. Which is hugh twilight pools, this gives us some reason to splash in huge minions forinstance the 3 Trolls, William, Tom and Bert. or perhaps give swarming goblins a new meaning.

      Good luck with your cards, i am eagerly waiting on the next one.

      Best Regards


    3. I put up the cards that i have atm, hope we can help and support eachother. Iff you want any information on how i made these cards i am willing to share it with you.

    4. Amazing work Maarten! I really like them. You've inspired me to put some more effort into my dream cards. I hope you'll see the difference in my new Gandalf. Keep up the good work!


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