Sunday, January 06, 2013

Gandalf, Friend to Thorin

Here's my first foray into a non-Dwarven card for The Hobbit TCG.

I wanted to mention that I'm intentionally leaving Resistance off of these companions as I don't think it will apply to the version of the game I have in mind (Without a One Ring and burdens, resistance just doesn't apply, right?).

You'll note the relatively low cost, strength, and vitality on this Gandalf. As mentioned in prior comments, if we're going to allow 14 companions, they need to be relatively beatable. Even with the twilight you provide each time you move 14 companions, the Shadow side would need to be able to play at least 14 minions to even have a chance at overwhelming or killing the Key Bearer. 

More to come. Keep the comments coming!

(If anyone has a hi-res Moria template, please let me know!)


  1. I like your improvements, the card look a lot crisper and cleaner, but i was wondering how you make your cards, i use Photoshop atm, with the use of the Online digital versions i recreate my cards, Font type was a hard one but i did settle with MatrixBold for the Card title and Second title, and for the game text i use Garamond. The Str, Vit and Res or Twilight cost i copy straight from other cards.

    I like your second rule on Gandalf, that ties in with the story, though i dont see the use of the key yet. Though i have my doubts with the ruling that Bilbo and/or thorin is -2. Since they are than almost free.

    Check out my version of Gandalf and some possessions here:

    Let me know what you think of my cards, maybee you can help me aswell.

    Keep up the good work, it is a big improvent already.

    1. Thanks Maarten! Something is not letting me publish comments on your blog? I wonder if it's an issue with Blogger.

      Here is what I tried to post: "These look great! I like how you use "Company" instead of "Fellowship", that makes sense. I still wonder if we need to use "Resistance" in The Hobbit TCG though. Where do you get your images from?"

      Keep up the good work!

    2. There are a lot of Database sites where you can find all the printed cards in digital form, i usually get them from The Last Homely House forum, in the top of the site you can choose from which set you want a card and you can see all that there are, than you have the quality cards that i have atm.

      Strange that you cant post anything i shall look into it. i am also still thinking about the resistance part, considering the fellowship cant get to big, there should be ways it is easier to get rid of companions, hence maybee a resistance variant.

    3. I meant where are you getting your images from the movie?

    4. Ah, no this is a painfull search on google for nice shots, a lot of it is crap and you need rather high resolution images to make them fit nicely in the cards, but it is still all google work. Hopefully when the film is available on DVD or Blu-ray the amount of images will go up.

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