Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Balin, Son of Fundin

Today's card introduces one of the new mechanics in The Hobbit TCG: Loyalty.


When the Leader of the company is about to take a wound, you may sacrifice a companion with Loyalty to prevent that wound by placing the companion in the dead pile.

(Note that we have replaced the keyword Key-Bearer with Leader)

Let me know what you think of the new mechanic!


  1. So if the Fellowship(Company) player reach site 9 with two "loyal" companions + the Leader, the game is won whatever the Shadow plays ?? as this amount basically to canceling the skirmish with the Leader.
    (and since Corruption by burdens is out of the game.)

    Unless victory conditions are different from: "Reaching the Regroup phase at site 9 with the Leader alive."

    1. It's when the Leader takes a wound that you can sacrifice a loyal companion, not when the Leader is about to be killed.

      The Leader can still be overwhelmed, and still takes two wounds if wounded by a Damage +1 character (although we will have to clarify that wounds placed by a Damage +1 character are placed one at a time).

      Maarten and I are working on an alternate win condition that either involves or is similar to the burden mechanic, but that makes sense for The Hobbit.


    2. That will need some playtesting and tweaking, but the idea makes sense. I,ll be watching!


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