Friday, January 25, 2013

Growl of the Warg

I wanted to throw up a card before the weekend to get feedback on a replacement for the burden mechanic that we have been working on.

Simply put, replace the word "resistance" with the word "courage" and replace the word "burden" with the word "doubt".

Story-wise I think this makes much more sense. The journey of Thorin's company is at risk of failing if they lose their courage. They lose their courage as they begin to doubt themselves, their leader, their tasks.

Let me know what you think! 

A special thanks to Maarten who has been a phenomenal collaborator. I look forward to working on this set with him more!


  1. Apart from the word change, that would be almost 100% equivalent to:
    "While you have no ring, burdens go on Bilbo. If Bilbo dies or is corrupted, you lose the game.", which is the way we play with the actual Canadian set. So obviously I think that's the right way to go!

  2. ...unless "doubts" go on another companion than Bilbo (The "leader"? Thorin or Gandalf?). But in that case, I can't see a single good reason for playing Bilbo in the Company, and that would be strange in a game called The Hobbit TCG.

    That said, the burden mechanics has to go to some change compared to LOTR TCG, what we did is let the "ring-bearer" (Bilbo) start WITHOUT the ring and added mechanics to gain (and want to gain) the ring during the game, called "Riddles" Maneuver events. That maybe not the best solution, but at least Bilbo is still central to winning that way. Burdens or doubts can simply be considered as Bilbo wanting to return home. And without him there can be no success as we all know! Just my 2 cents..

    1. I really like your Riddles concept! But yes, we had envisioned the Leader being Thorin or Gandalf, and that doubts get placed on the Leader. It would mean that Bilbo does not need to be in your Company despite the game being The Hobbit TCG. Then again, Sauron wasn't part of the company in The Lord of the Rings TCG, right? =D

      Maybe we can make Bilbo powerful/enticing enough that he will be crucial to many a company. Or we could make him be an Alternate-Leader.

      Keep the comments coming!

    2. The game will become something very different if the goal is to make the strongest companion (the Leader) survive till the end and not the weakest (the little strength:3 hobbit). But as long as that new game is fun, let's go for it!


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