Tuesday, January 29, 2013

If I Win

We're making great progress on the set, and while the final text isn't finished I want to keep posting card ideas so everyone can give us their feedback on them.

Today I venture into Gollum culture, where you can see we'll be showcasing both a Sméagol and a Gollum card. Can you guess what the next card is?

Keep the comments coming!


  1. This will need some thought.
    If Bilbo isn't really important or necessary to the Company, how can one makes Smeagol/Gollum interesting at all to play ?
    Maybe Gollum can be a "Condition" that hamper the dwarves (cost more to move..??)
    As for Smeagol, I really don't see him as a companion in that game, possibly only shows up as a Condition/Ally. But gain, it's difficult to see him interact/fight directly with a bunch of dwarves.
    Bottom line: if the Ring is peripheral in THE HOBBIT TCG, Gollum can only be even more peripheral! he can add a little flavor to the mix nonetheless.

    1. Hey Yves!

      Great comments, keep them coming!

      I'm curious: Which sets of Lord of the Rings did you play? There was a lot to the Lord of the Rings TCG that doesn't fit in with some of your comments. For example, there were alternate Ring Bearers which were quite powerful, they just needed to have some "catch" (i.e. adding burdens if they battled or something like that). There was also lots of cards that had a huge impact on the meta-game that had very little to do with the movie or story at all (the Dunland culture and Isengard Men come to mind).

      I want the game to be true to the canon, but I also want it to be diverse, and that means exploring cultures and mechanics that are not exposed much in the story.

      What do you think?

  2. Anonymous9:00 AM

    I have been wandering what or if you plan to do any thing with the Ring? Maybe a Artifact that can only be played when gollum, smeagol, or bilbo can be spotted? It could maybe be a wound to cancel a fight. And for Gollum something like wound Gollum to wound a companion he is fighting. Just thought id throw my idea in to the mix. Love the ideas you have.

    1. I've been debating this. If you look at the Key to Erebor card I made, I was originally envisioning just ignoring the ring completely and replacing it with the key. But some of the other readers were suggesting that the ring be a more prominent part of the game since it is still powerful, just not a central object in The Hobbit.

      I've bounced around the idea of making it a Gollum or Sauron culture artifact too. I'll keep thinking about it!


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