Thursday, January 09, 2014

Tauriel, Elven Warrior

Wow. 4 months since I've last posted a card! And the only excuse I have is a terrible one: I've taken up playing Magic: the Gathering!

But between having finally seen Desolation of Smaug and setting a New Years Resolution to create more cards, you should be seeing some more content from me.

While Tauriel was totally beautiful and awesome, I'm going to focus on finishing An Unexpected Journey first.

You can help! Email me or leave a comment to tell me what you want to see. 


  1. Hi Ray!
    today i found your blog about LOTR TGC, I have to say I love this game :) I would like to create my own cards "new version - Hobbit" so i tried to find someone else who tried to do it :) and I found your blog, You have nice cards, nice ideas. I have few good ideas too. I hope so :) I would like to ask you, can I download your cards and edit them for my needs? I will show my cards if I finish them :)


    1. Hi Kuba,

      Of course! I'd be honored if you wanted to use my cards as a base to make your own cards. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.


  2. This card has great flavor, but it's incredibly overpowered, even for costing 3 twilight. If you keep multiple dwarves in your hand throughout the game, you can destroy at least a minion every turn during the archery phase, let alone still add Tauriel to the archery total! I'd make it more like Legolas Greenleaf and Aragorn's bow from LotR TCG...

    Something like this to maintain flavor: "Archery: discard a dwarf companion from hand to wound a minion. Tauriel does not add to the archery total."
    I guess she could cost 2 twilight... but she's still almost overpowered, even then.

  3. Destroy a minion every turn without exerting, to emphasize my first point... and not having to exert to wound a minion no matter what is brutal in its own right.


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